RSI Webinar for conference interpreters, event agencies and business
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Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) has been in the spotlight during recent months due to the lockdown and Covid-19 pandemic worldwide. Of course, RSI emerged long before that, however, many of us, conference interpreters, turned out to be totally unprepared for the new reality we are facing and high-tech working tools we are offered. To meet this demand for information and experience sharing we, conference interpreters - Natalia Fedorenkova, Vladimir Shirokov and Victoria Moroz, decided to set up this Webinar for our colleagues and business partners.
1. Introduction into RSI
What is RSI. How does it work. Technical guide for interpreters and event organizers. Technical requirements for the interpreter's home office.
2. Most popular RSI platforms
Comparison of 5 most popular RSI platforms worldwide. Strong and weak points. Bottlenecks. Experience sharing and personal advice.
3. Interpretation function in Zoom
Simultaneous interpreting in Zoom: how does it work. How many languages/audio channels are there? Relay and handover. Strong and weak points.
4. Simultaneous interpreting using available conference programs
What other ways we have to provide interpretation. If the clients are limited by the conference programs within their IT infrastructure.
5. Q&A session
The speakers will answer all the questions from attendees posted in the chat or on air. The participants can also share their RSI experience
RSI Webinar Speakers
Natalia Fedorenkova
En <>Ru Conference Interpreter
2007-2017 In-House Interpreter (Gazprom, McDermott); since 2017 - Freelance Conference Interpreter. Since 2019 - Remote Simultaneous Interpreter with Interprefy. Speaker at III Global Dialogue International Forum of Conference Interpreters. Organizer of RSI Webinars for Interpreters and Business.
Moscow, Russia
Victoria Moroz
En<>Sp<>Ru<>Ukr Conference Interpreter

2005-2011 In-House Interpreter (steel and brewing industries in Ukraine and UAE); since 2012 - Freelance Conference Interpreter. Moderator of interpreting track and Program Committee member of Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference. Speaker at Ukrainian and international conferences for interpreters
Kiev, Ukraine
Vladimir Shirokov
De<>En<>Ru Conference Interpreter
Since 2005 – Conference Interpreter, Speaker at Global Dialogue International Forum of Conference Interpreters (2018, 2019, 2020). During the lockdown – RS-Interpreter via Zoom, passionate about sharing his experience with others
Moscow, Russia
Thanks a lot for the webinar! Actually within an hour after the webinar I received a call from a potential direct client and thanks to Vladimir, Victoria and you I managed to clearly explain the RSI options. The knowledge I got on the webinar was very helpful!
Alexey Yakovlev
En<>Fr<>Ru Conference Interpreter
Thank you all for such an insightful webinar! Today our company had an online conference and I had a chance to try RSI. Eventually, it was a consecutive, not simultaneous, interpreting but thanks to your webinar I was ready for anything!
Olga Zalogina
En <> Ru In-House Interpreter, the Red Cross,
Thank you for organizing such a helpful webinar and sending the participants all your slides! When my clients had problems connecting to a Zoom conference I provided them with screenshots from your presentation and we managed to quickly settle it all. We have successfully moved online, everyone is happy with the result. Thanks again for the webinar: it was very timely indeed!
Anna Trotsenko
En <> Ru Conference Interpreter, Co-Founder and Director of Sochi Interpreters and Translators League,
Thank you for RSI Webinar once again! Everything is much clearer now - both organizational and technical aspects. Thank you for providing slides and additional clarificaitons. I really appreciate that you find time to generously share your knowledge and experience!
Elena Malofeeva
En <> Ru Conference Interpreter, AIIC
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